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Bathroom Remodel in Bradley

Silva Remodeling is a highly skill construction company. Family owned and operated the craftsmanship skills has been passed down for generations. We are license, insured, and bonded! For this bathroom remodel we did a complete gut and replaced all the drywall. The customer opted for subway tiles on bathroom walls and a tile floor for this construction project. Anytime you are putting tile down you should always use cement board. Furthermore expected a minimum of two days if not more because dry time is needed between setting and grouting. The cleaning process of the tile requires attention to details to clean any grout off the face of tiles. One must also use a wet sponge and a dry sponge. The dry sponge is used to get rid of tile from hazing. Then we install a single bathroom vanity along with new mirror and light fixture. The customer requested to have that wall to be shiplap. After hanging the shiplap we spackle and caulked all nail holes to give it a solid look and feel to the wall. Other things we did the bathroom was electrical work. We also added a new exhaust fan. In a lot of older homes exhaust fans blow into the attic which causes many issues. Humanity travels through the air which can cause water damage in other areas of the house. Paired with blown in insulation you mold and mildew can appear. Along with the insulation absorbing the water it increases the weight which adds more weigh to ceiling causes common drywall imperfections and cracks. Whenever hiring anyone to add an exhaust fan make sure it is blowing outside and not just up in the attic. Another house went under construction with the Silva Family. Thank you for choosing us to handle all your remodeling and construction needs.

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